Organized Options, Search and Selective Sync

In the latest update for Divi, a WordPress theme by Elegantthemes, a couple of brand new features have been introduced to the system. Maybe the biggest change in the newest version of Divi ( 3.0.45 ) are the module options. They have been completely re-organized and re-structured into new tabs. Organized Options, Seach and Selective Sync … Before I talk to much let’s have a look at all the new features that ship in the newest version.

Organized Module Options

If you have already installed this update, open up any module settings (in this blog post I’m using the Text Module, just for reference) and take a look at the options structure. You’ll find now 3 tabs called ‘Content’, ‘Design’, ‘Advanced’ . What they did is, they took out all available settings for the module and re-organized everything in new groups, so that all the content options are together, all the design specific settings are together and all the advanced stuff is together in one group.

Better Overview on Available Options

The new layout and groups is not all: If you’re in the Visual Frontend Builder of Divi, you will notice that every sub-setting in each tab can be collapsed (like a toggle). This will save a lot of time if you ever had troubles on finding your beloved settings and features in the module settings.

Search For Settings

With the search functionality within the module settings you will never spend time looking for any settings anymore ever. In the little input field ‘search’ just type in any keayword, like ‘color’ and the module will instantly show you every options, which has to do with color and is availble for this module, so Font-Color, Header-Color, Background-Color and so on.

Improved Selective Sync for Global Modules

In the past, the selected sync option for global modules were already a great feature. However it only let you sync complete option groups like content or design. With the new improved selective sync it’s now possible to decide for every single option, whetever it shoud be synched or not. Definitely a game changer …


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