Divi’s New Background Options

Recently Elegantthemes introduced another Divi Feature Update. Re-shaped and re-organized background options plus the ability to create stunning gradient effects within a glimpse. Here a 5 creative ideas to use this new gradient background option. (Divi’s Gradient)

The Classic One

No doubt, gradient effects popping up all over the internet at the moment. If the right colors are used, it’s perfect to put some motivational lines in the right light, like this:

The Split

If you play around with the Start Position and the End Position of the gradient effect you can flatten down the “fade” to a minimum, resulting in a hard edge between two colors. Then turn the direction to something like this :

The Mask

If you combine the gradient effect with a background image, you can use the gradient to mask out / hide one half of the image. Just make one color from the gradient completely transparent. Like this, the gradient will fade from one color to complete transparency:

The Fake Border

Gradient can also be used on modules, rows and sections. In this example with set various gradients on the rows behind, and placed a text module on top with a white background. Voila – a neat border !

The Spotlight

The gradient options come with the possibility to change the gradient type from linear to radial. Perfect for put something in a certain spotlight, like for product presentation or to create a CTA, like this :

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